We provide need-based, short & long term support for :


A start-up is an enterpreneurs' realisation of his dream competence. BM provides functional management mentorship, and support to ensure its growth, well-being and success.
Commercial Evaluation of the Business Idea
Development / Evaluation of Business Plan
Assessment of Resources & Gaps
Potential Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Growth Potential

A start up is an entrepreneur’s realization of his dream competence and we provide functional management mentorship and support to ensure its success

Business Owners & Managers

Business Owners & Managers often seek a second opinion or look for a sounding board in crucial areas of management. BM supports them in these situations, be they strategic or operational.
Organizational Support
Growth or Scale up
Relief from Stress
Evaluation of Business/Competitive Strength

Our association can commence from commercial evaluation of business plan and proceed to assessment of support required in terms of resources, risk management, operations & growth.